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Welcome to Blotto, my Laurel and Hardy Web Pages. For those who have come to this via my HOMEPAGE you may be wondering why I like Laurel and Hardy, and why I felt the need to spend hours in front of a computer, compiling a Web Page about them.
Quite simply they make me laugh. Not your average laugh, I have to confess...Stan and Ollie still have the ability to make me cry with laughter..the sort of laughter that no modern day double act can ever inspire. Since I was very small, I have always been reduced to hysterics by the sight of Stan, as he scratched his head, with a bewildered look, or by Ollie's pomposity. Some of my earliest television memories are of Laurel and Hardy, and those memories stayed with me throughout my childhood, as I impersonated Stan and Ollie for kicks at school, as I watched films I had seen a thousand times before, and as I watched in total wonder at how two people could reduce any normal person to a complete wreck.

So that's it...Stan and Ollie are the essence of comedy for me. No-one ever had quite the edge that The Boys had, somehow I doubt they ever will.....

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