21th January 2003
New domain name! Also, search engine added to Laurel and Hardy site Some restructuring to directories to accomodate my new domain name.
16th May 2001
Added cascading style sheets. Minor layout changes. Nice new photo added. Laurel and Hardy Site extended - galleries extended and multimedia content added (that's sounds and movies).
1st May 2000
Laurel and Hardy Site updated. New Biographies, Galleries extended, new guestbook installed, layout changed. Sound section added. Homepage reworked, ICQ section removed. Humour section partly removed.
9th September 1998
Laurel and Hardy Site revamp finished. New Reviews, Way Out West 70th Anniversary Tribute, Frame added. All Graphics given ALT descriptions.
21st April 1998
Bug fixed on Laurel and Hardy Site for Netscape users. Biographies now readable in all browsers.
21st February 1998
Laurel and Hardy Pages picture gallery updated, some file renaming, new review added. ICQ Control Panel changed
8th November 1997
Graphics updated, Laurel and Hardy Biographies added, ICQ control centre added, Guest book added, Links given separate page, Laurel and Hardy Picture Gallery updated, Film review added.

24th August 1997
Graphics updated, two new pages added to humour section

20th August 1997
Picture Gallery Added to Laurel and Hardy Pages

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