Way Out West Credits

Cast List
Themselves Stan Laurel / Oliver Hardy
Mickey Finn James Finlayson
Lola Marcel Sharon Lynn
Sheriff Stanley Fields
Mary Roberts Rosina Lawrence
Anxious Patron James Mason
Bartenders James C. Morton
Frank Mills
David Pepper
Stagecoach Passenger / Molly Vivien Oakland
Man Eating at Bar Harry Bernard
Cooks Mary Gordon
May Wallace
Worker at Mickey Finn's Cornelius Keefe
Stagecoach Baggage Man Sam Lufkin
Bearded Miner Tex Driscoll
Maw Flora Finch
Janitor Fred "Snowflake" Toones
Audience at Saloon Bobby Dunn
John Ince
Fritzi Brunette
Frank Montgomery
Fred Cady
Eddie Borden
Bill Wolf
Art Mix
Ben Corbett
Buffalo Bill Jr.
Cy Slocum
Cowboys Lester Dorr Chill Wills
The Avalon Boys

Production Credits
Producer Stan Laurel
Director James W. Horne
Screenwriters Charles R. Rogers, Felix Adler and James Parrott
Based on a story by Jack Jevne and Charles Rogers
Editor Bert Jordan
Cinematographers Art Lloyd
Walter Lundin
Music Director Marvin Hatley
Composers Marvin Hatley
LeRoy Shield
Egbert Van Alstyne
J.L. Hill
Nathaniel Shilkret
Irving Berlin
Franz von Suppe
Art Design Arthur I. Royce
Set Design William Stevens
Special Effects Roy Seawright
Makeup Jack Dawn
Academy Awards Nominated for Score 1937: Marvin Hatley (Departmental Head, Hal Roach Studio Music Department)

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